The World’s 10 Most Popular Facebook Pages

6. YouTube:
(18,618,509 Fans)Promoting fans is a good tactic to use on a Facebook page and YouTube does it here with the first update on the page highlighting the “Far East Movement To YouTube Fans”

7. Eminem:
(18,473,414 Fans)No missing what this page is about with his latest record front and center but call to action is not very evident. Integration to the other social media channels is is good withlinks to his website, Twitter and Myspace pages at the top left.

8. Vin Diesel:
17,649,964 Fans
Vin’s Facebook consultants and agency are doing something right here obviously with  this being the number one Facebook page for an actor. Good to see him being topical with a reference to Halloween as thetop update. Call to action to start engaging is not strong with no videosor trailers of his movies on his main page though. Integration to other social media and web channels is not strong with one link to his website and no Twitter or Myspace links.

9. The Twilight Saga:
16,562,819 Fans
This has become a very strong brandthat started with a series of book that my teenage daughter loved thatbecame a TV series and finally a movie.  Call to action is good with the latest update asking you to engage in an online competition to promote the latest product. (A DVD series).

10. Starbucks:
16,366,438 Fans
Starbucks leads the corporate world in its use of social media to promote its brand. This page reflects strong branding and multiple calls to action as well as integration with its other social media channels. You can read more about  Starbucks use of social media at “Starbucks And The 4 Keys To Social Media Engagement“

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Post by : Meet Prajapati


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