Sloths: Find Out About The Slowest Animal In The World


Sloths don’t move fast.
Actually, they’re the world’s SLOWEST animal.

They also take forever to digest their food. They have a four-part stomach that digests leaves with bacteria. It can take up to a month for a sloth to digest one meal.

Who needs a manicure?

Sloths have such super-duper long NAILS – they can barely walk on theground!

But they’re nails are perfect for reaching leaves that other animals can’t and of course, hanging off branches.  They live in tropical rainforests in Central and South America.

A sloths fave place to sleep is in a fork of a tree, curled into a ball. CUTE! And how they love to sleep – they spend 15-20hrs every day snoozing away.

Baby sloths love their mums, and hang around with them for their firstfour years.

Sloths are in danger

They are stolen illegally from the wild. Why? Because they are SO cute, they are wanted as pets around the world.

Keeping wild animals as pets puts their lives at risk and threatens theirspecies future survival. MeetNoga Shaneewho protects sloths, monkeys and other beautiful rainforest creatures to find out why.


Post By : Meet Prajapati


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