Sharks: We’re The Scary Ones!


We love scary shark stories – and films and TVshows play on our fears.

But, sharks are not only frightening, they are also pretty awesome and despite our fear, worthy our respect.

Sharks are at the top of the food chain in nearly every part of every ocean.

And… since water covers 2/3rds of our planet, doesn’t that make sharks the kings and queens of the world?!


Sharks do a very important job – they keep populations of fish healthy and in balance with their ecosystem.

Sharks on top

The ocean ecosystem is made up of very complex food webs.  The webs (think of a spider web) are the interactions between prey and predators. Sharks are on TOP. They have no natural predators (apart from us humans) and considered byscientists to be “keystone” species. This means – removing them causesthe whole ecosystem (or spider web) to collapse.


Fear = Survival

For example, shark scientists believe that turtles are SO scared ofsharks, they actually help them survive. In Hawaii, researchers found that sharks scare turtles awayfrom beds of sea grass. If sharks aren’t around, turtles eat too much sea grass – causing the grasses to eventually disappear and the turtlesto die.

Thanks sharks!
But humans are super-scared of sharks. Even though:

There are hundreds of shark speciesand only a TINY percentage of themare dangerous to us. Even when they do bite (very rarely), they are usually not planning to kill us, but just curious. Sharks explore an object or organism by biting. These are called ‘exploratory bites’ and usually sharks swim away after one bite. When a shark sees the shape of a surfer on a surfboard, from underwater, they think we are prey.Sharks don’t really like eating humans – we aren’t fatty enough!

Around the world, sharks kill about 10 people a year and we humans kill about 100 MILLION sharks. So that makes US the most dangerous predator!

Sharks are in danger:

*.20% of sharks are close to extinction.
*.Commercial fisheries accidentally catch sharks with their hooks and nets.

*.Sharks are killed for their fins – made into ‘shark fin soup’ and also their meat.

Let’s respect ALL animals, even the scary (and not so pretty) ones. They have as much right to be a part of our beautiful earth as we do.

Post By : Meet Prajapati


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